My Kind of Impact - Creating Moments


Raise your hand if you’ve ever attended elementary school here in the States. 
That should be almost everyone who reads this post.

Better yet. How many of you have ever been 10 years old? Now I really should have the attention of 100 percent of you (unless one of my 9 year old scholars is reading this and to that I say bravo!! LOL)

So what’s the point? I’m just making sure I’m speaking to folks that can relate to what it feels like to be a kid. 

I remember when I was ten and my music teacher thought I had the potential to be a great singer. Bless his heart. And because he believed in me...ok us, he invited his friend Angela Bofill to come and meet the wow!! I’ll never forget it. I remember it like it was yesterday even though 40 years have passed. I've often embellished this visit in my mind; adding a part where Angela and I sing a duet together of course.  And even though I never became a singer, I’ve always had a larger than life appreciation for music and enormous voices. 

So what was that “moment” for you? A class trip? Career Day? A Broadway show? How did it impact your life and/or influence the work you do now?

I’m sure we all understand the giving back concept. The desire to expose kids to their very own “moment”.  I’m driven by this concept. In fact I’m completely dumbfounded by others who don’t feel as strongly as I do. It may not be fair to feel this way. But it’s honest. 

So how can we give back? Well recently I’ve been stepping up my networking “game”. I’ve sent texts messages and emails and LinkedIn, Facebook and IG DMs to almost everyone I know who could possibly help grant a class or two their chance to experience a “moment”; the chance to meet that hero, or get a peek behind the scenes of their favorite company or profession (This is a thing you know.  Kids are a driving influencer of household purchases BTW.).

I have had great success in keeping the concept of “giving back” alive among my circle. This past school year my nagging produced two unforgettable class trips to Facebook and Twitter (pictures shown)! And it didn’t take much convincing at all because the gentlemen who had the power to make it happen, already had the desire to make it happen. They were just waiting for someone like me to come along who had the ability to find young scholars that could benefit most from the opportunity. 

And man!!!! What a rush!! To see the looks on the kids’ faces!! Absolutely priceless!! To listen to the questions they had for the Facebook panel?? I laughed and at times almost cried. It may sound cliche but I always reflect on events like these super impactful class trips by saying “..if we only made a difference for one kid l’ll be happy”. But honestly I tell myself that to keep my expectations low. I really know in my heart that we reach way more than just one. 

So I’m using this blog post as yet another push to you all; my community of readers, connections and followers to look at your professional world. Ask yourself if it’s an interesting place for a young mind to visit and explore. And hey maybe it’s not but I bet you have a friend or family member that works somewhere great.

And as for my nagging?  Hey it pays off!  Sooo until it doesn't...